Advantages of Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers Over Conventional On/Off Rice Cookers

When shopping for rice cookers, you will come across two main categories – fuzzy logic rice cookers and conventional digital cookers.

Most will agree that fuzzy logic is the better option. These rice cookers always seem to produce perfect, fluffy rice. But, what is the reason for this? Discover the real advantages of choosing a fuzzy logic rice cooker over a conventional on/off rice cooker.

Computerized Temperature Control

First, what is “fuzzy logic”. The difference between the two categories of rice cookers all comes down to a small computer microchip. The term “fuzzy logic” refers to a math theory proposed by a college professor back in 1965.

In modern rice cookers, this theory is put to use to offer more control over cooking time and temperature by monitoring temperature and other variables. The rice cooker uses these variables to determine whether it needs to increase or lower the temperature or extend the cooking time.

That is how you are able to get perfect rice every time with a fuzzy logic rice cooker even if you don’t get the rice/water measurements correct.

Fuzzy logic rice cooker working

Multiple Cooking Options

A conventional rice cooker will only have one setting for cooking all varieties of rice. It is a one-size-fits-all system that does not account for the differences in rice. You then have to adjust the amount of water that you add or the cooking time depending on the type of rice that you are cooking.

Fuzzy logic rice cookers can take this into account. Rice can have different textures. For example, glutinous rice tends to have a sticky texture compared to basic white rice. With a fuzzy logic rice cooker, you can set the cooker based on the texture or type of rice.

Other settings that you may get with a fuzzy logic rice cooker include “keep warm” and “quick cook” cycles. When shopping for a fuzzy logic rice cooker, pay attention to the various cooking settings and options that are available.

This is the main variation between fuzzy logic rice cooker models. Make sure the cooker that you choose has the settings that you want.

Cook Multiple Types of Food

You can typically use your fuzzy logic rice cooker for more than just cooking rice. These options will depend on the cooker you choose. Some fuzzy logic devices have more cooking options and settings than others.

Along with rice, you could prepare eggs, make frittatas, steam vegetables, prepare oatmeal, and heat various soups or stews.

Fuzzy Logic Mimics the Skill of a Real Chef

As mentioned, fuzzy logic rice cookers control temperature and other variables. It is essentially attempting to make decisions the same way a real chef would.

The rice cooker monitors multiple parameters, in addition to the temperature in order to determine the best settings for each of the four stages of cooking rice:

  1. Soaking the rice
  2. Boiling the rice
  3. Allowing the rice to absorb the steam
  4. Allowing the rice to rest

Throughout each of these four stages, the temperature may need to be adjusted. This will also depend on the type of rice that is being cooked.

A chef can keep an eye on the recipe and make sure the rice is cooking properly. This is what a fuzzy logic rice cooker attempts to achieve – the ability to monitor and control the cooking of your rice.

After the user inputs the type of rice or the type of dish, the rice cooker will calculate the weight and the moisture content of the rice. During the cooking process, it will continue monitoring these variables, along with real-time pressure and current temperature.

The rice cooker can make adjustments based on a variety of parameters. For example, on a hot day, your rice may cook quicker than on a cool day. A fuzzy logic rice cooker can adjust the temperature to take this variation into account.

The rice that you purchase may have a slightly different moisture content than the last batch of rice. Again, the fuzzy logic will do the math and ensure your rice comes out fluffy.

You Do Not Need to Have Any Cooking Skills

The bottom line is that a fuzzy logic rice cooker takes care of everything. It makes sure you get great rice every time. You do not need to have any cooking skills. The rice cooker will closely monitor everything with the thermal sensor.

You Cannot Get These Advantages with a Traditional Rice Cooker

These are advantages that you will only get when you use a fuzzy logic rice cooker.

A conventional rice cooker offers no controls – other than a couple of settings. It does not monitor the rice throughout the cooking stages. It does not adjust temperatures if the rice is cooking too quickly.

While basic on/off rice cookers may be the most affordable option, you will not get the best rice. You will not notice that your rice cooking is consistent and difficult to predict or adjust. This is not an issue with fuzzy logic rice cookers.

If you want the best rice every time, you want a fuzzy logic rice cooker. They are easy to use. The fuzzy logic takes care of all the work. You simply add your rice and water and choose the appropriate settings.

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